Bored? You can see the world and take a virtual vacation with VidEarth

Walk, ride, or sit virtually all over the world.

One of the many web apps created by Virtual Vacation, VidEarth is another tool people can use to explore the world while staying safe at home.

The creators of the platform hope it will help introduce people to new cultures, architecture, and a greater understanding of the world. Each location ON VidEarth has a crisp, high-definition video of someone exploring one of the world’s most amazing places. You can visit hotspot destinations like Greece, Tokyo, Paris, and Rome, or check out a place you might not normally pick for a vacation like Gent (Belgium), Lille (France), and Bergen (Norway).

If you want to virtually explore the world in other ways, they also have tons of different apps to do just that. You could go on a driving tour, a flying tour, watch a live camera feed, or even gaze out a virtual window all over the world!

What are you waiting for? The world is your virtual oyster!

Image: VidEarth via