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Voting Couldn’t Be Easier

"It Used to Be That Election Day Was One Day..."

Advance voting continues, in various forms, across the region today.

Some communities, like Springwater, are allowing for online or phone voting for now, with physical ballots being cast only on October 22nd. Others, like Bradford, have no physical ballot boxes at all.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”It used to be that Election Day was one day, and if you couldn’t vote, well… too bad.”[/perfectpullquote]

Barrie 360’s Political Correspondent, Dr. Michael Johns of Laurentian University, says all these options are new, and by design. “”It used to be that Election Day was one day, and if you couldn’t vote, well… too bad. Now there are days and days and days of voting. There’s a bus that goes around, and that’s an amazing idea! They bring them into student dorms, they bring them everywhere.”

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Making it easier to cast a ballot isn’t exactly just up to politicians and communities; Dr. Johns says the onus to vote is on us all. “I think it’s everybody; again, we are a collective society in which we self govern, which means we are all part of the governing process: those who govern, and those who choose who to govern.”

Barrie in-person voting only at this time, but has many advance voting locations along with a mobile voting bus making regular stops across the city.

Innisfil is allowing for online and over-the-phone voting up until October 22nd. Registered voters will use the registration card received in the mail.

Orillia is conducting regular advance voting at the Orillia City Centre, with location-specific voting the day of, for individual wards.

Bradford West Gwillimbury says its residents need not leave the house, with online and phone voting available.

Clearview says it too is opting for internet and phone voting only this year.

Collingwood says while the only option to vote is vial phone or Internet, it does have staff on hand to answer any questions at a Voter Help Centre established at the public library.

Essa only allows for in-person voting. October 17th is the next date before the October 22nd Election Day.

Midland will only accept ballots cast in-person, with no electronic options this year.

New Tecumseth is only accepting in-person voting too, with advance voting and ballots cast the day of.

Oro Medonte is now accepting votes over the phone or online, with ballots cast on location as well.

Penetanguishene is proving a Voter Assistance Centre to help with those having trouble casting a ballot via Internet or phone, the only way votes are being accepted this year.

Ramara is opting for phone or Internet voting, claiming it will be easier and more convenient for residents.

Severn is allowing for physical balloting only this year. Advance voting dates have been established, with polls open until 8pm on the 22nd.

Springwater is accepting a mix of online, phone, or in-person voting, and will make available computers at the public library for anyone who needs it.

Tay is once again going with the Vote-By-Mail method. Registered voters should have already received the voting kit in the mail, and can physically drop it off up until 8pm on the 22nd.

Tiny will also accept your Vote-By-Mail ballot, in person, up until the voting period closes on October 22nd.

Wasaga Beach says it will have computers on hand at its Voter Help Centre for those who do not have access to a computer. Internet or phone voting is the only acceptable way to cast a ballot here.