Wasaga Beach to build temporary concrete barriers to keep the sand and water back

Temporary concrete barriers and block walls to be put in place to hold sand and water back

The Town of Wasaga Beach will use temporary concrete barriers and block walls to mitigate the effects of high water on the main beachfront.

“The retaining/block wall system will help mitigate migration of sand onto the sidewalk and assist with daily maintenance efforts along this corridor,” public works director Kevin Lalonde said in a staff report. He noted the block wall would generally maintain a maximum height of 24 inches in
front of the existing sidewalk.

Beach Drive closed for summer 2020 due to historic high water levels at Wasaga Beach

The walls will be on Beach Drive, along the face of the sidewalk, between Main and Third streets, to help keep back the sand.

Standard concrete barrier walls will control movements at the cul-de-sac at the end of Spruce Street. Taller walls will be along a section of the asphalt surface along Beach Drive, adjacent to the curb at the beachfront, in front of The Dard, to offset the force of wave action during windy days and stormy periods.

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The town will repurpose the walls and barriers, which should be in place by the summer season, when water levels recede or when the reconstruction of Beach Drive takes place.

feature image from flooding a year ago