Wayne Gretzky sued for $10 million over weight loss gum

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The Great One is being sued for $10 million after allegedly lying about his weight loss.

The lawsuit was filed by a man named Steven Sparks, the creator of a weight loss gum called OMG.

Janet Marie Gretzky, Wayne’s wife, was a spokesperson for the product, and eventually, Wayne claimed he lost 35 pounds chewing the natural weight loss supplement.

According to TMZ Sports, Sparks claims Gretzky lied about his results, driving up the company’s stock, and quietly purchased it under his name,

Sparks says he didn’t know Wayne was lying about the weight loss and used the money to reinvest in the business.

Reports claim the real trouble began when Gretzky admitted to the fib, causing the stocks to plummet.

Sparks claims the alleged fib cost him $10 million.

feature image from Mingle MediaTV via Wikimedia/flickr