Weekend Box Office Results (July 12th – 14th)

1. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Webbing up the first spot again is Spider-Man: Far From Home. It’s no surprise that the youngest avenger easily took the top spot with $45.3 million in domestic earnings to add to it’s $847 million worldwide gross. However, with The Lion King releasing next week, it will more than likely be bumped from that top spot.

2. Toy Story 4

Another non-surprise, Toy Story 4 is holding firm at number 2 with another $20 million in domestic gross being added to its $771 million in worldwide earnings. Now on its 4th week, we should still see it occupying a top 5 position for a few more weeks.

3. Crawl

Nestled right in between 2 major releases (Spider-Man and The Lion King) Crawl still managed to crack the top 5 with a $12 million dollar. domestic weekend opening. While it didn’t fare much better worldwide, only earning $16.8 million, Crawl has a small $13.5 million dollar budget so it doesn’t need to earn all that much to keep people happy.

4. Stuber

Another low risk, low reward release with Stuber over the weekend. Opening with $8 million in domestic earnings and $11 million in worldwide gross, Stuber has earned its budget back, but with pretty unfavorable reviews I don’t think well be seeing it in the top 5 for another week.

5. Yesterday

Still holding onto a top 5 spot in its third week is Yesterday. It brought in another $6.7 million in domestic earnings to add to its $80.5 million in worldwide earnings. With a budget of only $26 million, Yesterday has been music to the ears of Universal.