Weekend Box Office Results (June 21st-23rd)

You'll never guess who took the top spot! (okay maybe you will)

1. Toy Story 4

With a weekend performance that will surprise nobody, Toy Story 4 opened at number 1, raking in $238 million worldwide with the domestic and foreign box office numbers being an almost perfect 50/50 split. Toy Story 4 also managed to edge its way into the top 50 box office opening weekends of all time, currently sitting at number 48.

2. Childs Play

That other movie about a kids toy also had a decent weekend despite opening beside the Goliath that is Toy Story. Child’s Play opened this weekend with just over $14 million and although that isn’t a huge number, it’s a smaller budget horror flick that only cost $10 million.

3. Aladdin

Adding another $12 million to its total gross, Aladdin has now grossed a total of $810 million since it was released a few weeks ago. It has also been holding the number 3 spot for 3 weekends in a row now after having opened at number 1 and spent its second weekend at number 2.

4. Men In Black International

Falling from its top spot down to number 4, Men In Black International reached just shy of $11 million in its second weekend. MIB is doing significantly better at the foreign box office with over 70% of its total gross coming from outside North America. It needs to bring in another $30 million to double its budget and has a solid shot at doing so, seeing as it’s only on its second week in theatres.

5. The Secret Life Of Pets 2

Rounding off the list at number 5 is The Secret Life Of Pets 2 with just over $10 million this weekend. Though it fell 3 spots from last week, it took the top spot for its opening weekend and has been showing solid numbers ever since, doubling its budget and in its third week.