Published June 8, 2023

Ontario Wildfire Smoke Survival Tips, Barrie Baycats Update, Scouts Canada Camping Help Hotline, and More!

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Here we are with another episode of What Barrie's Talking About --- a podcast that brings you the local stories in Barrie that matter the most.

On this week's episode, we discuss survival strategies for the intense wildfire smoke engulfing Ontario, the exciting addition of JP Tibbits to the Barrie Baycats, Mayor Alex Nuttall's monthly visit addressing homelessness in Barrie, and more!

What Barrie's Talking About This Week

1 - Navigating Ontario's Smoke Hazards: Insights from Dr. Emil Prikryl

Forget about the sunshine or cloudy skies this week—smoke is the talk of the town. Barrie residents and Ontarians are concerned about the impact of inhaling such harsh air. While some experience persistent coughing, others battle tear-filled eyes.

Join Barrie 360's Will Konken as he sits down with Dr. Emil Prikryl from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. 

2- Mayor's Vision for Addressing Homelessness in Barrie

Barrie City Council is experiencing backlash over controversial proposals aimed at tackling homelessness in our community. To shed light on the situation, Mayor Alex Nuttall takes center stage in his regular monthly visit. He openly discusses the program's intent, the challenges it faces, and the steps moving forward. 

3- DIY Market Returns for Father's Day: Showcasing Local Businesses

Father's Day is around the corner, and the Barrie DIY Market has made its much-anticipated comeback. This year, they're unveiling an sensational twist that will salvage your gift-giving game. Join Barrie 360's MJ as she catches up with market founder Kerry Lynn Embrack, who reveals the details on this innovative shopping experience.  Explore the DIY Market Online on Facebook.

4- Meet the Newest Addition To the Barrie Baycats: JP Tibbits

Say hello to JP Tibbits!  Hailing from our own community, this local talent brings ambitious dreams and aspirations to the team. Barrie 360's Will Konken introduces you to JP Tibbits, a player who has long been on the Baycats' radar. Gain a firsthand glimpse into his journey and discover how he's making waves in the world of baseball.

5- Budget-Friendly Freshness: Simcoe County's Eat Impact

Craving affordable fruits and veggies? Don't worry about their appearance! Barrie 360's MJ spills the beans on a new service that rescues the overlooked, odd-shaped produce unwanted by stores. Say hello to Eat Impact, a game-changer in Simcoe County's food scene. MJ chats with Anna Stegink, the mastermind behind this innovative initiative. Ready to enjoy nutritious goodies delivered directly to your doorstep? Head to

6- Embrace the Great Outdoors: Scouts Canada's Camping Clueless Hotline

If you're a first-time camper, a helping hand can make all the difference. Scouts Canada have you covered with their new camping clueless hotline. But don't worry—it's not just for novices. Experienced campers can also benefit from this service. Join Ian MacLennan as he engages in an insightful conversation with Scouts Canada volunteer Matthew Coe. For any camping questions or concerns, simply dial 1-844-SCOUT101 and embark on your next adventure with confidence.

What Barrie's Talking About

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