Locallicious Returns, More Timely Transit Services, What’s Happening At The Library & More

Welcome to another edition of What Barrie’s Talking About from Barrie 360! It’s a big week with lots to talk about. What Barrie’s Talking About is a weekly podcast that brings the local stories that impact you. News stories that you aren’t used to hearing!

This week on the podcast, we talk about the return of Locallicious, what’s happening at the library, the upcoming transit make over, and more …

What Barrie’s Talking About This Week

1) Get Help With Nutritious Food

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) has filled its food basket with nutritious items and to no one’s surprise it costs more than a lot of people can afford. We dig into the issue and offer suggestions toward finding solutions with Vanessa Hurley from SMDHU …

2) More Efficient Transit

Barrie Transit is getting another makeover with a promise of more timely service from one end of the city to another. Brent Forsyth, Director of Transit for the City of Barrie, sits down with Ian McLennan to talk plans …

3) Weekly Barrie Colts Update

The Barrie Colts are still in the playoff hunt after making a few trade deadline deals. It hasn’t been an easy year for the club especially on the road.

Will Konken takes a look at the recent changes and hears how they may impact the team from Colts writer and broadcaster Gene Pereira…

4) Library

The Barrie Public Library is thriving post pandemic. Thousands of new members signing up last year and why not? There’s more happening there than you may realize …

5) Locallicious Returns!

It’s back…

Indulge in the best Barrie restaurants have to offer at special rates with Locallicious.

Randy Feltis and Peggy Hill set the table for Barrie 360’s MJ…

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