Stop Sharing Crime Videos Online, What’s Being Done With Your Tax Dollars, And More

Welcome to another edition of What Barrie’s Talking About from Barrie 360! It’s a big week with lots to talk about. What Barrie’s Talking About is a weekly podcast that brings the local stories that impact you. News stories that you aren’t used to hearing!

This week on the podcast, we talk about Barrie’s 2024 tax plan, why you shouldn’t publish crime videos online, an event at Innisfil’s IdeaLab and more …

What Barrie’s Talking About This Week

1) Is Sharing Attempted Break-In Videos a Good Idea?

These days people have a tremendous urge to post anything and everything to social media. In the past, we’ve talked before about posting vacation videos while you’re still on vacation, which can tip off would-be robbers that you’re not home.

More recently we’ve seen security video of attempted home break-ins after the fact. It may seem like a good way to track down the culprit but Barrie Police Communications Coordinator Peter Leon says you may be doing yourself a huge disservice …

2) What To Expect From Barrie’s 2024 Budget

Barrie City Council was expected to finalize this year’s budget at last night’s meeting. City council was able to hold the line but some of its service partners were not. So what does that mean for city taxes?

Barrie 360’s Ian MacLennan gets an inside look at the number crunching and what’s in the budget from Mayor Alex Nuttall…

3) Weekly Barrie Colts Update

The Barrie Colts won two of three games last weekend. The wins happened at home and the loss happened on the road, as has been the case many times this season.

Barrie 360’s Will Konken looks back at the good and the bad of the last week with Colts broadcaster and writer Gene Pereira …

4) Special Event at The IdeaLab

Innisfil IdeaLab and Library is holding it’s first fundraiser. The special event will celebrate creativity & imagination.

Barrie 360’s MJ getting the details on guest speakers and events from IdeaLab’s Katheryn Schoutsen …

What Barrie's Talking About

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