Where To Take The Best Selfies In Barrie!

Short answer: anywhere because Barrie is beautiful!

You’ve got your phone and you’re looking good, but the location just doesn’t meet the level of awesome you’re sitting at right now. Here are the best places in Barrie to make sure the background of your selfie looks as good as you do!


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way! You can’t drive more than 5 minutes without hitting a beautiful beach in Barrie. From the bustling atmosphere of Centennial to the more easy-going charms of Minet’s Point and Tyndale, a perfect beach selfie is just a stone’s throw away!


Another resource that Barrie is flush with, Gorgeous parks can be found in every corner of our city. Get in touch with your natural side while posing like a supermodel! Sunnidale Park and Heritage Park are both excellent places to start!

The Spirit Catcher

Standing on the shores of Kempendelt Bay, this massive 20-ton statue has been a staple of the Barrie skyline since 1986. The Spirit Catcher casts a beautifully iconic silhouette that is unmistakably Barrie, take a selfie and show off your local pride!


While you’re in the heart of Barrie checking out all the restaurants and shops, why not check yourself out in the camera lens too? Take a photo at the Five Points, City Hall, or head into the Maclaren Art Center for some truly original backdrops!

Park Place

Not only is Park Place another fantastic place to shop and dine in Barrie, but thanks to the cozy fireplace and over-sized lawn chair, it’s also the perfect place for a selfie! Don’t forget your phone! (and maybe a few extra dollars!)

It’s perfect timing for all this selfie talk because while you out there looking good for the camera, be sure to use the hashtag: #Koolsummerselfie for your chance to win a 2019 Chevrolet Spark! Keep taking those selfies all summer long!