Who Needs A Checkout Line? Loblaws Testing Scan And Pay App

Scan groceries as you put them in the cart

Loblaws is taking self-checkout to the next level.

It’s experimenting at several stores in the GTA with a smartphone app that allows you to scan their groceries as they shop. Digital scanners are provided so you can weigh their produce before scanning.

The app puts together a barcode for the total purchase so you can quickly scan and pay at a cashier, self-checkout or a dedicated ‘shop-and-scan’ kiosk.

Loblaws also working on an in-app payment system so shoppers can bypass the checkout altogether.

Walmart tried a similar system using an in-store mobile device.

It never caught on, though it has been embraced in some Sam’s Box Stores in the U.S. One store in Texas has no cashiers so scan and pay is the only way.