Window Raise-A-Thon buys The 705 Recovery Community Centre more time

Funds raised should allow counselling and support to continue for another 8 months

It was more than just window dressing.

Four people, giving back to The 705 Recovery Community Centre on Dunlop Street West, by sitting in the window of the centre, encouraging passersby and others to make a donation to help keep the centre open.

Well running dry at The 705 Recovery Community Centre; Raise-a-Thon for Recovery hopes to change that

They sang, took eggs to the head and pies to the face to encourage people to donate more.

And they did.

The goal for the 24-hour raise-a-thon was $16,000.

They raised more than double that – $32,500 – which will help them pay rent and expenses for another eight months.

Donations can still be made online at

The 705 offers free counselling and support to those recovering from alcohol and substance abuse, as well as grief counselling and mother’s support groups.