Winter Parking in Orillia Could Be Free…or Banned Altogether, Depending on Where and When

Free Parking in Municipal Lots, No Overnight On-Street Parking

There’s a good news/bad news situation for motorists out and about in Orillia. Which do you want first?

The good news? Okay.

Starting today, the City of Orillia says you can park for free in all Downtown Orillia municipal lots right through to the new year. The free parking applies only to metered spots in parking lots; you still have to drop a few coins in the on-street meters.

Speaking of on-street parking, here comes the bad news…

The City of Orillia has enacted its winter overnight parking restrictions. Parking is not allowed on any municipal street in Orillia between midnight and 7 am, to allow for easier snow clearing operations. This is in effect until mid-April.

Banner image courtesy Flickr