Winterfest Numbers Strong Despite Getting Sick of the Snow

Increased Attendance To Annual Wintertime Celebration

While we’re pretty much done with the snowflakes in April, numbers out of City Hall show we enjoyed winter while it was here.

Numbers are in from this year’s Winterfest and they show 23,000 people attended the February 2nd and 3rd events at Heritage park and Meridian Place. The annual celebration of the season generated about $35,000 in cash for the city too.

The City’s Culture Department released the results of a survey conducted while the festival was underway:

  • 74% rated their experience at Winterfest as 8 or more out of 10
  • 96% plan to attend Winterfest in the future
  • 62% shopped or dined downtown Barrie while attending Winterfest

In March, Winterfest was named among the Top 100 Events in Ontario by the organization Festivals & Events Ontario, the eleventh year in a row Winterfest made the list.