Woman Opens Contest For Participants To Win Her $1.7 Million Home

Write A Letter, Win A Home

After struggling to sell her $1.7 million home, a woman living in Millarville, Alberta has come up with a creative solution to have the property taken off her hands.

Alla Wagner’s home located in Millarville, Alberta.

Since suffering a severe back injury last June, Alla Wagner can no longer enjoy her 3800 square-foot-home like she used to. She put her home up for sale in hopes of downsizing but was highly discouraged by the lack offers it was receiving.

Wagner put her home up for sale in an effort to downsize.

Earlier this month Wagner decided she would determine the fate of her beloved home with a contest called “Write A Letter, Win A Home”. This contest opened up the opportunity for one lucky contestant to win her house.

The home is 3800 sq. ft. will 2 stories, 3 bedrooms, a wine cellar and view of the rocky mountains.

In order to enter the contest, Wagner is asking participants to pay a $25 entry fee and answer the following question in 350 words or less:

 “Why would moving to this lakefront dream home change your life?

The winner will be the person who gives the best response to the question and will be chosen through a multi-step process.

Contestants can enter a contest to win this home for just $25.

First, the most compelling answers will be grouped into a semi-finalist list and posted to social media to be narrowed down by public vote. From this point, 500 finalists will be selected to have their letters reviewed by a panel of judges. Finally, the judges will determine one sole winner.

Alla Wagner is hoping to find the right person or family who will enjoy her home as much as she has.

In order for the contest to be completed, the total of entry fees must reach the $1.7 million value of the home. If this value is not reached, Wagner will call off the contest and provide refunds for all those who entered.

In order carryout the contest at least 68 000 entries must be submitted.

Wagner says that she has nothing to lose so she may as well give this a shot, however she is already learning how difficult choosing a winner is going to be.

The contest will run for 3 months with a possible extension up to 6 months.

Would you pick up and move to Alberta if it meant owning a $1.7 million home in the Rockies for just $25?

For more info on the contest, click here.