Women make up the majority of COVID-19 cases in Ontario, but just barely

292 more people have recovered since yesterday, 43 more have died

Public Health Ontario raised the province-wide COVID-19 case count by 390 in its mid-week update, bringing the tally up to 23,774. Of those, women make up the majority, but by just a few percentage points.

According to data provided by Ontario health officials, 13,507 women have contracted COVID-19 to date, which represents just over 58 percent of all cases. Comparatively, 10,095 men have been infected since case tracking began, about 42 percent of all cases.

Meanwhile, Public Health Ontario says 18,190 people, men and women, have recovered to date, an increase of 292 since yesterday. Another 43 lives have been lost to the virus, 1,962 all told.