York Regional Police Cleared Of Wrongdoing After Machete-Wielding Woman Hit in Knee

Police Deployed Non-Lethal Weapon on Woman Allegedly Demanding Officers End Her Life

The province’s police watchdog has cleared York Regional Police of culpability, after a woman was hit in the knee with an anti-riot weapon.

Officers were called to a Keswick parking lot with reports of a woman who no longer wanted to live. When police arrived to find the woman in her car, she is said to have grabbed a machete and demanded that officers shoot and kill her.

After a short chase through a wooded area, police opted to use an ARWEN, an anti-riot weapon that shoots rubber bullets, to hit the woman in the knee.

She was rushed to hospital where x-rays revealed she sustained a fracture to her kneecap.

The SIU investigation found the officer only fired his non-lethal weapon after she turned to face officers and swing the machete at them, with the goal of committing suicide. The SIU director says while she did sustain serious injury in the incident, it does not amount to excessive force on the part of the officer.