You are the protagonist with Talk Is Free Theatre’s The Wow Collection

Unlike any other festival in the world

The Wow Collection might just be the coolest collection of site-specific, experiential, and immersive productions combing theatre, dance, music, and visual arts performances.

Spanning across two-cities, Barrie and Toronto will come alive with productions that allow audiences to interact and craft their own stories. There are even some performances that will transport the audience between cities. From artists half the world away to Barrie’s own Talk Is Free Theatre, the talent on display will be breathtaking.

Here are a just few of the amazing productions you can check out:

The Curious Voyage

Taking place over two days, The Curious Voyage takes audiences on an adventure filled with intrigue, evil, and curiosity. Highly unique and immersive, this production takes the audience from a hotel room in Barrie, all the way to venues in Toronto. Everything from the city streets to your hotel butler plays a role in the experience and it promises to be like nothing you’ve ever tried.

March 18th to April 11th

Foreign Radical

The Foreign Radical is a multimedia (and multilingual) experience where thirty participants enter a performance where they will compete, collaborate, investigate, debate, and spy on one another in an exploration of security, profiling, and freedom of expression. With the audience dynamically influencing the performance, each production becomes as unique as the individuals involved.

May 2nd to May 17th

The Archive of Missing Things

If you’re the type of person who likes the gather up your friends for a night at an escape room, The Archive of Missing Things is another perfect chance to test your brainpower. Participants use Ipads, headsets, and notebooks to uncover clues and unravel a mystery taking place in the ruined and forgotten corners of civilization. Hurry, you only have 90 minutes!

April 14th to 24th

Tales of an Urban Indian

This unique performance, that also recently celebrated its 500th performance, Tales of an Urban Indian tells the story of a contemporary indigenous man who grew up on both a reserve and in Vancouver, and takes place on a moving bus, visiting locations that match the story. You might have seen a play where the setting changes…but never like this!

March 31st to May 10th


The Wow Collection isn’t just for adults! DreamScape is a sensorial experience specially designed for children ages 2 to 4. In contrast to the high sensory play areas that children usually find themselves in, this installation invites parents and children to a calm and dimly lit space where they can explore, discover, and engage, together.

May 8th to May 12th

The Wow Collection kicks off March 18th, runs for 2 months until May 17th, and you can check out all the details here.