You May Be Driving With A Suspended Licence And Not Know It

Ombudsman says suspension system is 'fundamentally flawed'

Are you driving with a suspended licence?

You might be.

Ontario’s Ombudsman says the provincial drivers’ licensing system is fundamentally flawed – that many of us are unwittingly driving with invalid licences.

Paul Dube cites the case of one woman who found out in 2016 that her licence had been suspended four years earlier over a speeding ticket. She had paid the fine but was unaware there was also a licence reinstatement fee. She says she was never notified her licence had been lifted.

It wound up costing her several days off work and hundreds of dollars to get her licence back. She was required to go through the graduated licence system for novice drivers.

Dube has made 42 recommendations to make the system fairer and keep drivers better informed of their status.

He says the Ministry of Transportation has already started to make changes.