Young Athletes Practice in the Snow to Prove They Have “No Excuses”

The Cold Never Bothered Them Anyway

A group of young baton twirlers have posted videos online of themselves practicing in the snow as part of a trend they’re calling the “Snow Twirl Challenge”.

The purpose of this challenge is to show that when it comes to practicing your sport or craft, there simply are no excuses.

Baton Twirlers taking part in the “Snow Twirl Challenge”

The challenge was instigated by a highly accomplished and well-known athlete in the baton twirling community, Annetta Lucero. Not only is she a 3 time World champion, but she is also a 2 time Guinness World Record holder, Cirque Du Soleil performance artist, world renowned choreographer and motivational speaker.



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Lucero knows a thing or two about what it takes to be the best. When questioned how she became so good at what she does, her response was, “I literally worked harder than anyone else.”

It’s this attitude that inspired her to share videos online of herself practicing in some less than ideal conditions.



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Lucero’s message made it’s way to a group of young twirlers from a nearby baton club who have since posted their own videos. The athletes from Spectrum North Baton Club took to the snow-twirl challenge to show that when it comes to putting in the work, they too give no excuses!

Although the videos show that baton twirling in the rain or snow may not be the most efficient way to practice, they do certainly make a statement.

These twirlers are sending a message that can be applied to athletes of all kinds: Hard work means going above and beyond, doing your best at all times and…. giving no excuses!

Spectrum North Baton celebrated over 25 years of twirling.