Young Cub Scout earns his badge by supporting Youth Haven

"...Youth Haven is a place that helps youth and keeps them safe.”

A young lad in Barrie has gone and done a good turn as a means of getting a valued cub scout badge.

Mason is a third-year Cub Scout and a member of the 1st Barrie Foresters Cub Scouts. To earn his third-year Cub Scout award, he’s required to, among other things, pick a community project to support. After reading about Youth Haven, the county’s only emergency youth shelter, he reached out to see how he could help.

Left to right, mom, Jennifer Bailey, her 10-year-old son Mason Bailey, and Youth Haven executive director Lucy Gowers.

“I chose Youth Haven because I knew it helped kids,” said Mason. “I feel good about doing this because Youth Haven is a place that helps youth and keeps them safe.”

Mason’s fundraising efforts resulted in a donation of non-perishable food, some games, and $570 in bus passes for Youth Haven.

Youth Haven often exceeds its capacity

The youth shelter is a refuge for those aged 16-24 who are experiencing homelessness. It has 11 beds for youth who identify as male, and six for those identifying as female. Those beds are often full, with some sleeping on couches, floors, or wherever there’s space.