Young Man Facing Slew of Charges After Snow Bank Rendezvous

Twenty-One-Year-Old Accused of Forging Insurance, Possessing Cocaine, Missing Rear Lights, and More

A young Bracebridge man was batting a thousand with police, after a vehicle hit a snowbank.

Multiple reports of an erratic driver came in to Bracebridge OPP Tuesday night, but included a good description of the vehicle and its plates. That made it easy for officers to track down a suspect vehicle.

Police claim that as they closed in, the suspect vehicle tried to back intoa driveway to turn around, but ended up getting stuck on a snowbank.

A search of the vehicle allegedly turned up some drugs, open alcohol, and officers even claim fake insurance information was handed over.

A 21-year-old man is facing Cocaine Possession charges along with one of Forging Documents, while he was also hit with fines for driving without proper rear lights, driving with an open bottle of liquor, driving with cannabis readily available, and possession of fraudulent proof of insurance.

The OPP are extending a big thank you to those who called in, calling it “an exellent example of the community and the police working together to keep our streets safe.”