WALKING THE BEAT: Your First Stop After a Crash Doesn’t Have to Be the Collision Reporting Centre

You have 48 Hours to Report a Crash

On a bad weather day like Monday, you can take advantage of a two-day grace period to report a crash.

“We don’t want to see you until tomorrow…”

Robin McElary-Downer, Deputy Chief, South Simcoe Police Service

South Simcoe Deputy Police Chief Robin McElary-Downer says your safety should be a priority. “On a crappy day like this, if your vehicle is drivable, get it the hey home, park it where you’re safe. We don’t want to see you until tomorrow, until the roads are clear and safe, and a little bit more comfortable for driving.”

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McElary-Downer says there is a 48-hour grace period to report your collision to either of the SSPS collision reporting centres in the area. The Barrie centre has the same grace period.

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Just as well that you have the option to wait. There was a long line outside the Innisfil reporting centre today, according to the Deputy Chief. “We’re diverting CRC calls to the Bradford one, because we are topped up. They need to get ahead of the game here, and they’re just not getting ahead of it.” says McElary-Downer, “our CRC has been inundated, the north one anyway, with crashed vehicles today.”