Yukon man’s dancing has gone viral, and he’s coming to Barrie

Gurdeep Pandher is taking his message of hope and positivity across the country

News release from the Downtown Barrie BIA

Gurdeep Pandher has danced his way into hearts across Canada, and now he’s coming to Barrie to share his joy with the local community. The Bhangra dancer from the Yukon has become famous for his uplifting dance videos, which routinely go viral; featured in news media worldwide. Now Gurdeep is taking his message of hope and positivity across the country in person. Gurdeep will perform on the stage at Meridian Place in Downtown Barrie at 6 pm on Tuesday, October 18th. 

Bhangra is a folk dance from the Punjab region of India, created by Sikh farmers. It’s an energetic workout with a celebratory feel. Gurdeep was born into a farming family in a small village in Siahar, Punjab. He’s been dancing almost as long as he’s been walking and began professional Bhangra lessons at 17. Gurdeep moved to Canada in 2006, living in several provinces before finding a home in the Yukon. Through Bhangra dancing, Gurdeep promotes building cross-cultural bridges, understanding and inclusivity. 

 “I am so excited to have the opportunity to sponsor this event, and bring Gurdeep Pandher’s message of positivity, joy and hope through Bhangra dancing to Meridian Place and Downtown Barrie.” States Peggy Hill 

Description of Gurdeeps Show Gurdeep Pandher, a Bhangra artist and educator from the Yukon, will create a unique happiness-show blending dance, teaching, joy-philosophy and more. Gurdeep is best known for spreading joy, hope and positivity during the pandemic annas over half a million followers throughout his social media platforms. Gurdeep will share his best tips to find joy in darkness, followed by an interactive lesson and performance. After the dance moves are taught, everybody joins together to dance to uplifting Bhangra music. During the breaks in the show, Gurdeep will also give his own Bhangra performance. Bhangra is a traditional dance for the Punjab. 

It takes a community to bring an event like this together. Thank you to our incredible business community for helping bring this event together last minute. We know the importance of inclusivity in our region and celebrating that with a happiness-show blending dance, teaching joy-philosophy and more with Gurdeep Pandher is exactly how we do that. We share a multitude of gratitude to The Peggy Hill Team, Allure Hotel and Conference Centre, The Downtown BIA and Aim High Go Higher for joining forces to bring our community together. 

Banner image: @GurdeepPandher/Twitter