10 years ago Sydney Crosby made history scoring the “Golden Goal”

The goal seen coast-to-coast

Everyone thought we had it in the bag but with less than a minute to go in the third period, and after a mad scramble in front of the net, the Americans tied it up. However, what was disappointing at first, evolved into one of the greatest moments in, not just Canadian sports, but in all of sports history.

There was so much on the line.

After the women’s curling team took home gold, the men’s curling team had a chance to give Canada the world record for most winter golds by a host nation. They finished with a silver, meaning it had to be hockey, it had to be overtime, and it had to be Crosby. After the calling to his linemate “Iggy, Iggy!”, Crosby received the pass, shot the puck, and the entire nation exploded in patriotic euphoria.

It’s a tough moment to forget. With over half the population of Canada tuned in almost everyone has their own story about the night “Sid the Kid” made hockey, Olympic, and Canadian history. What’s yours?

Featured image courtesy of Social Soup Social Media via Pexels.com