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11 outdoor adventure trips in Simcoe County to plan this year

Warm weather is on the horizon!

This Barrie 360 content is brought to you by Hitch City

Spring has sprung, the cold weather is finally behind us, and it’s time to shake off that winter chill and start enjoying all the sunshine. Simcoe County has no shortage of things to do outside so here’s how to make the best of it with 11 outdoor adventure tips to plan this year!

Treetop Trekking

If you’re spending time outside, why not spend it zipping through the air, high above the ground, without a care in the world? Named Ontario’s Attraction of the Year in Attractions Ontario’s People’s Choice Awards 2020, Treetop Trekking is an outdoor adventure that caters to both beginners and those looking for a bit of a challenge.

Windrift Kennels

What’s better than two legs? Four, of course! After being matched with your new equestrian friend (based on your size and experience), Woodrift Kennels will lead you through their beautiful trails for an hour-long horseback riding experience. An outdoor adventure must? Definitely. Should you wait to book a day? Nay.

Scenic Caves Nature Adventure

If there’s one problem you’re going to have when visiting Scenic Caves Nature Adventure, it’s deciding what to do first. With caves & caverns, hiking trails & lookouts, ponds & picnics areas, and southern Ontario’s longest suspension bridge, you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere with more amazing views, all in one place.

Hardwood Ski & Bike

Hardwood Ski & Bike wants to make mountain biking accessible to anyone by providing trails for all skill levels and abilities. Over 80 km of beautiful rolling double track trails and challenging single track trails crisscross with their ski trail network to create endless possibilities of courses and obstacles.

Happy Paddling

Led by a husband-and-wife team, Happy Paddling is dedicated to sharing a love for on-the-water fun. Whether you want to try stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, or canoeing (or if you’re a seasoned veteran), it’s easier than ever to rent yourself some equipment and enjoy some time on Lake Simcoe.

Adventure Tours

While you’re spending time outside, you might catch yourself thinking “This would be so much better with a glass of wine or a pint of beer”, if so, Adventure Tours has you covered. With winery and craft beer tours along with their unique Waterfalls & Wine Tour, it might be hard to go back to outdoor adventures without a nice drink included!

Elmvale Jungle Zoo

Beautiful and exotic animals are much closer than you think. Elmvale Jungle Zoo is home to some truly breathtaking creatures such as tigers, zebras, kangaroos, and even giraffes. Along with fun and education shows that happen all day long (though they are temporarily on hold), this zoo is 30 acres of animal-filled fun.

Wye Marsh

Whether you’re looking for guided activities or a more free-flowing adventure, Wye Marsh has tons of ways to have fun while learning all about the animals and wetlands of our region. Hiking, reptile display halls, the observation tower, the bee house, and more, are all open 362 days a year!

Bee Happy Family Campground

Operating for more than 40 years, Bee Happy Family Campground is a perfect getaway to take in the great outdoors. With swimming pools, fishing ponds, mini-golf, horseshoe pits, and larger than average lots, you’ll have the space and activities to make filling an entire weekend a complete breeze.

Barrie KOA

Don’t think for a minute that Simcoe County isn’t flush with amazing camping choices. Barrie KOA is yet another campground full of beautiful sights and fun activities with your choice of tent sites, lodgings, or RV sites. Barrie KOA is pet-friendly too, so you’re four-legged best friend is always welcome to join!

Dog-Friendly Trails

Speaking of four-legged best friends, one of the easiest ways to make your outdoor adventure even better is by having your ball of fluff tag along with you. Thankfully, Simcoe County is littered (see what we did there?) with trails that are not only pristine and beautiful but also dog-friendly!

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Featured image courtesy of Taryn Elliott via pexels.com