Guide to Dog-Friendly Trails in Simcoe County

You're never far from an afternoon out with your ball of fluff

The only thing better than taking some time away to destress and enjoy everything mother nature has to offer is having your 4-legged friend come along to keep you company. Here’s a list of our favourite dog-friendly trails in Simcoe County:

Sunnidale Park

A beautiful 2.1 km loop through Sunnidale Park, this easy and partially paved trail has lots of places to stop and take a breather along with a few branching paths that make repeat visits a bit more interesting.

Little Lake Park Loop

If you’re looking for something that won’t take all day, the Little Lake Park Loop is a perfect 1 km trail that embodies the little name. A short walk and lakefront view for you and your pooch.

Warnica Trail To Wilkins Beach

Sometimes when it’s particularly hot outside, the last thing you need is the sun beating down on you. Luckily the Warnical Trail to Wilkins beach is a 3.9 km walk through mostly shady forest and also includes a nice lakefront spot to rest.

Scout Valley

While the biggest complaint with this trail is that it could have better markers, Scout Valley is still an awesome 5.5 km trek with a few noteworthy points of interest. If you don’t mind the possibility of carving out your own path, bring your furry buddy to Scout Valley.

Oro-Medonte Rail Trail

This one if for people looking for a bit of a long adventure. The Oro-Medonte Rail Trail is a 37.8 km path that stretches all the way from Barrie to Orillia. While walking the entire trail (and back) might take a bit too long for most people, there are lots of beautiful scenery where ever you decide to start.

Lightfoot Trail System

The Lightfoot Trail System might be a little straight forward, but if you like to take your dog with you for a run, this well-maintained trail is perfect for spending time with your best friend and getting a workout in at the same time!

Springwater Provincial Park

Leave the runners at home for this one and break out the hiking boots. While the elevation isn’t too difficult, Springwater Provincial Park has a few muddy parts so your little buddy might need a quick bath or a dip in the lake afterwards!

Midhurst Trail

Speaking of trails with spots for your pooch to swim, the Midhurst Trail is an 8.4 km loop with tons of places to cool off. The official rules state that dogs must be on leashes, however, many reviews mention a lot of them off-leash so keep that in mind.

Hickling Tract

We’ll finish off our list with an easy trail that has many branching and well-maintained paths. Hickling Tract is a 3.1 km trail that is good for any skill level but be sure to pack a little extra bug spray.

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