14 patient and 20 staff cases as COVID-19 outbreak continues at Georgian Bay General Hospital

Outbreak was declared Dec. 4

Officials at Georgian Bay General Hospital in Midland continue to deal with a COVID-19 outbreak on all inpatient units at the facility.

An update from the hospital on Monday evening said of the 14 patient cases, eight remain in hospital, five have been sent home and one person has died. There are 20 staff who have been infected.

The outbreak was declared on Dec. 4.

“Since the outbreak was declared, GBGH has worked closely with the SMDHU and our Infection Prevention and Control department to take further precautions related to patients and our team members,” says Dr. Dan Lee, COVID medical lead and chief of Emergency Medicine, GBGH. “From the start of the pandemic, we have implemented many measures to provide a safe place for our patients to receive care, our staff to work and our credentialed staff to practice. These actions have been increased due to the recent outbreak.”

Some of these actions include:


  • Limit patient movement between units/departments (complete some procedures and diagnostic tests at the bedside)
  • Increased monitoring of all patients for symptoms  
  • All newly admitted patients are tested for COVID-19, regardless of whether they have symptoms
  • All patients are placed on droplet/contact precautions under the assumption they could potentially be COVID positive
  • All patients are masked for any procedures or assessments done with less than two metres of distance between the care team and the patient
  • Grouping of COVID positive patients in designated ‘hot’ areas of the hospital
  • Postponement of non-urgent and elective procedures (Ambulatory Care) and surgeries
  • Suspended inpatient visitation with the exception of special circumstances
  • Enhanced environmental cleaning measures
  • Extensive contact tracing

Staff and Credentialed Staff

  • Surveillance testing of staff and credentialed staff
  • Opening additional break room space
  • Strictly enforcing capacity limits in break rooms
  • Enhanced cleaning in break rooms, nursing stations and other high-touch areas
  • Limiting the movement of staff and credentialed staff between units/departments
  • Extensive contact tracing