CES 2022 already off to a running start with these 5 cool gadgets

We want them all!

The Consumer Electronics Show 2022 kicked off today and there is already plenty of cool tech to be excited about. Here are our favourite 5 cool gadgets so far.


After a long day at work or a tough workout at the gym, what could be better than coming home to a hot bath to soothe those aching muscles? Well, the PerfectFill is a smart drain created by Kohler that lets you draw a bath and set the temperate and depth right from your phone using the app or voice commands. While it’s a bit pricey at $2,700, it would be really nice to just say “hey Alexa, draw me a bath”.


With many companies competing in the augmented reality market, creating all sorts of smart glasses for viewing the upcoming “Metaverse, InWith is taking it one step farther. While it’s still a little while off (they are waiting for FDA clearance) these smart contact lenses will allow for augmented and tunable vision, controlled using a connected mobile device.

Arlo Security System

A simple home security solution that offers 8 different kinds of sensor functions. It comes with a hub that connects to small (only 1.1 inches) multi-sensors that can detect motion, water leaks, light and temperature changes, smoke and carbon monoxide detections, and more. No wires or hard wiring is necessary either, just place them, and you’re good to go!

The Freestyle

Samsung is coming out with an incredibly light and super portable projector that will deliver a crisp 1080p picture anywhere you want. Weighing only 2 pounds, the device host a ton of lighting effects along with its video projecting capabilities so whether you want to watch an outdoor movie at the park, have a dance party in the forest, or a photoshoot downtown at night, you can do it with this device (as long as your fork over $899).

Pozio Cradle

If you’ve got military-grade secrets to protect and are worried about big-brother listening in, the Pozio Cradle is a charging port that prevents always-listening features like Siri or Google Assistant. For $119, the device will prevent eavesdropping while allowing you to bypass the block for 30 seconds intervals if you want to use voice commands for a short time. Your secret peanut butter cookie recipe will soon be safe.

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The Consumer Electronics Show 2022 is on now until January 8 and there are still tons of keynotes and presentations still to come. There will be plenty more cool gadgets to check out so stay tuned.

Featured image: PC Magazine via pcmag.com