6 Reasons Giving Blood Should Be Your New Holiday Tradition

There are so many reasons to give blood and adding one of these life-saving appointments to you’re holiday schedule should be part of your new holiday traditions. Alone or with friends and family, here are 6 reasons to book yourself a blood donation before the end of 2020.

It Saves Lives

The most obvious reason to give blood is the life-saving implications this gift can have. There are always lots of things to do during the holidays but we can say with confidence that giving blood is the only one that can potentially save up to three lives!

You’re Are An O-Negative Donor

No matter what blood type you are, donating blood will always be life-saving but for those with O-Negative blood, you are a universal donor, meaning your blood can be donated to any patient. In emergencies and for newborn babies, O-negative blood makes all the difference in the world.

Blood Has A Shelf Life

You might not know this, but unlike Twinkies, which will last an eternity and could survive a nuclear blast, blood has a shelf life and most of it only lasts for 42 days (and some only 7). This is why it is so important to not only book yourself an appointment but to become a regular life-saving patron of the Blood Clinic.

It’s Safe

With sanitizer and temperature checks at the door, mandatory face masks, and limited capacity to ensure proper social distancing, giving blood is just as safe now as it has ever been. You will also still be able to enjoy a snack after your donation but are asked to take the snack with you and eat it once you depart.

Many Appointments Go Unfilled

There are over 15,000 appointments across Canada that need to be filled during the holidays and Barrie’s Blood Clinic is no different. They need to book 70 appointments a day to ensure hospital demand is met.

They’re Only Closed One Day A Year

Another thing you might not know is that Canadian Blood Services collects blood 364 days a year and the only day they close their doors is on December 25th. Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day are particularly challenging times to find donors and people are encouraged to make appointments on those days.

The most important thing to remember is that whatever your blood type, reason, or day you choose to donate, every donation makes a huge difference. When you find yourself in one of the Canadian Blood Services centres, be sure to snap a picture and use the hashtag #filltheseats.

Lets make giving blood, a new holiday tradition for everyone.

Featured image courtesy of Stem Express via stemesxpressdonors.com