7 Syrian Refugee Children Dead in Halifax House Fire

7 children, aged 3 months to 17 years old perished in this fire.

A fire ripped through a home in the Spryfield community of Halifax early this morning, claiming the lives of seven children who came to Canada as Syrian refugees.

“All deceased are believed to be young children from the same family.”

Halifax Police Press Release

The fire broke out early Tuesday morning, according to Halifax Police. “Following this morning’s fire on Quartz Drive in Spryfield, Halifax Regional Police and Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency confirm that there are seven fatalities resulting from the incident, all deceased are believed to be young children from the same family. A woman and a man remain in hospital.”

Facebook post  by Halifax’s Ummah Masjid and Community Center, suggests the family were Syrian refugees. Neighbour Danielle Burt told the  Canadian Press “The mother was on the grass, praying I guess, bowing her hands down, and pulling on my husband’s arm to call 911.”

Burt told CP the kids were inside and the dad was sitting on the steps, saying “I think he had gone back in because he was really burnt. It was just awful.”