8 ways to get social while social distancing in Barrie

Play games, stay active, or lend a helping hand

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If the favourite part of your days are the Zoom meetings you have, chances are you’re looking for even more ways to have some fun with your friends and family without getting closer than six-feet. Well, social butterflies rejoice because we have eight ways to get social in Barrie while social distancing.

Driveway Concerts

Posted by Dylan Lock on Thursday, April 23, 2020

One of the first things to get shut down when the Covid-19 pandemic started was large gatherings of over 50 people and unfortunately, that meant no more going to check out any live music. Local musician Dylan Lock knew that people would still have a craving for it so he started streaming live concerts from his own driveway. Every Saturday, you can check out the live stream on his Facebook page starting at 7 p.m. and watch the whole thing for free. These live streams are also raising money for Canadagives.org so be sure to hit that donate button if you enjoy the show!

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Drive-In BBQ

Heading to the finish line strong!! We are moments away from being sold out!!!! Thank you barrie!! Over 400 sandwiches sold today!!!

Posted by The Farmhouse Restaurant on Saturday, May 16, 2020

Though it might seem like an eternity since anyone went out for a weekend dinner, The Farmhouse in Barrie has you covered with their Drive-In BBQ. Just drive in, place your order, park, and a server will bring it right to your car. The menu changes every week and includes things like pulled pork sandwiches, beef dips, hand-carved smoked turkey, and more. With its rise in popularity, they are even starting to do Sunday brunch drive-ins with pulled pork and veggie benedict sambos!

Town Trivia Online

Town Trivia has been rolling with the punches and moved it’s trivia nights to an online format. They were being hosted at places such as the British Arms Pub, Kenzington Burger Bar, and Fionn MacCool’s, Town Trivia is now streaming their trivia nights online over Zoom. There are special themed nights to test your knowledge of The Office, Friends, and Harry Potter, but there’s also general trivia with varied categories. Grab a drink, answer some questions, and win some prizes!

Together At Home

The City of Barrie has been curating an online platform called the Together At Home Hub with a focus on keeping Barrie residents fit, active, and social while at home. If you’re looking to stay fit there are weekly videos that walk you through a variety of exercises. There are also weekly videos of fun activities you can try at home like baking a coffee cake and creating your own mini-golf course. Finally, they have a special program that connects seniors through multi-person calls for coffee, chat, and games.

Board Game Arena

While you might be playing a lot more board games with the members of your own household, you might be getting a little bored of your selection (and the company, but we won’t tell anyone). Board Game Arena offers a large collection of free board games that you can play solo and online against your friends. Each game has a tutorial to teach you the rules and you can play them in real-time or take turns over the course of the day (or week if you’re really busy).

Netflix Party

Yet another activity that is sorely missed during the pandemic is going to the movies with your friends and having those post-film discussions after the credits roll. Netflix Party is as close to a social movie night as you can get without actually having someone sitting on the couch beside you. This free Google Chrome extension lets you sync Netflix movies with friends so you can watch them at the same time. There is even a chat box so you can discuss scenes, theories, or just chat if the movie is terrible!

Family Sundays Online

If you’re looking to get more social with the kids, something else that has moved from a physical space to a virtual one is the MacLaren Art Centre’s Family Sundays. Now fully online, each and every Sunday you can find new activities that will let your family learn and create together at home. Step-by-step instructions will walk you through things like Paper Marbling, Ramadan Lanterns, and more. Each activity uses items commonly found around the house and is perfect for parents and caregivers with children ages 3 to 8.


Nextdoor is an online social media platform that connects people from the same neighbourhood. Filling out your name, postal code, and the first line of your address will connect you to other people in your area for information, virtual meet-ups, or to lend a helping hand to those in need. You can even download the app so you have access to Nextdoor wherever you go!

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