A “Blockbuster” Month on Barrie Job Front

Big Drop In Unemployment Rate Capping off Decent Job Market Year

The City of Barrie capped off 2019 with a dip in its unemployment rate.

Statistics Canada says the jobless rate in the city fell seven-tenths to 5.2%. This, as a result of 2,500 new jobs being added to the market, according to Mayor Jeff Lehman, who told Barrie 360 December was a “blockbuster” month.

This fall in the city’s unemployment rate capped off a year that saw generally low jobless numbers, except for a bump to about seven percent in April and May, falling back to a lower-than-average number from there.

Provincially, the jobless rate didn’t budge, remaining at 5.4% where it has sat for months straight. Federally, a one-tenth bump up to 5.7%.