A piece of cake from Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding is going up for auction

Talk about satisfying your sweet tooth...

Maybe you’re a die-hard when it comes to the royal family or maybe you’re just a sweets connoisseur, either way, get ready because a slice of cake from the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is being auctioned off.

Before you get too excited, the slice isn’t from the main multi-layered cake, but instead is from one of the over two dozen or so cakes that were made for guests at the wedding. The good news? The auction house is estimating a surprisingly low selling price of under 500 Pounds (under $1000 Canadian) so if you really wanted to get your hands on it, it wouldn’t break the bank (although, maybe hide the bank statement on this one).

The cake was originally sold by Moyra Smith, an employee of Queen Elizebeth, to the auction house in 2008 and while “it appears to be in exactly the same good condition as when originally sold… we advise against eating it,” the auction house says.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr via flickr.com