Long-time Rock 95 host, Al Brown, has died.

"His storytelling left people hanging on his every word"

If you listened to Rock 95 in the last two decades, you knew Al Brown.

“His laugh was infectious, he was kind to all he met, and he said it like it was, says Dave Carr, General Manager of Central Ontario Broadcasting, Rock 95’s parent company. “His storytelling left people hanging on his every word. His daily commentary, The Cheap Seats, sparked debate, laughter, and every emotion in between.”

Al Brown died this week of complications due to cancer. He was 64.

The Cheap Seats began as a sports commentary but morphed into content that ranged from politics to giant spiders on his bathroom floor. It became ‘appointment listening’ every morning.

Listening to The Cheap Seats was always the highlight of my morning.
He made me laugh hysterically and sometimes cry…
Sending my condolences to his family and friends.
Rest easy Al.

Michelle Firth — Facebook

R.I.P AL, he was the best part of my crappy drive to work for many years, down the 4th making me laugh while white knuckling the steering wheel! He will be missed, my condolences to his family.

Donna Wingate — Facebook

Al’s Morning Crew host, Tim Westin, says Al was always great fun, “no one could put it the way he did.”

Fellow co-host, Susan Meredith remembers Al as “the sweetest, gentlest, funniest curmudgeon anywhere.”

Al left Rock 95 in 2014.

His departure from radio left a hole impossible to fill.