Alcona Flickering Blamed on Soaked Willow Branch

Blackened Branch Removed By Crews Before Fire Started

You may have noticed some lights flickering around Alcona Saturday. Turns out, a soaking wet willow tree branch is to blame. By the time it was removed, the branch was already charred.

InnPower says the branch, saturated in water, was found draped across power lines on Saturday. By the time power crews removed the branch, it was already showing signs of charring.

Danny Persaud, Chief Operating Officer at InnPower says the system is designed in such a way as to make it easy to locate problems like this. “It’s similar to a breaker in your home that opens and closes in order to prevent a fire. So what would have ended up happening here is we would have seen a number of circuits open and close. Based on that information, we were able to direct our crews to that location and find that tree.”