Alec Baldwin one of many being sued for death of Cinematographer

Multiple lawsuits have already been filed.

The family of the Cinematographer who was killed on the set of Rust is seeing the producers of the film including Alec Baldwin.

The incident occurred on Oct 21 when a prop gun was discharged on set by Alec Baldwin. Both the director, Joel Souza and cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, were rushed to the hospital to receive medical attention. While Souza recovered from his wounds and was released from the hospital the following day, Hutchins was pronounced dead at the University of New Mexico Hospital on the same day.

While the specifics around the shooting are still being investigated and criminal charges have yet to be laid (with Baldwin offering full cooperation), a few lawsuits against Baldwin and the entire production team have been filed.

Baldwin being a producer on the movie has created a few more questions that have somewhat muddied the water. While it is clear that Baldwin had no intention to use the weapon to harm anyone, the investigation has uncovered a few details, some of which are less than exonerating:

  • Baldwin was pointing the gun in the setup for the scene when, from his account, it went off without him pulling the trigger
  • Baldwin apparently turned down training for the kind of gun draw he was doing when Hutchins was shot
  • The industry standard of using rubber bullets or something similar during the setup for a scene was absent.
  • Investigators have said there was “some complacency” in how weapons were handled on set.

Along with the family, two members of the film staff are also during over trauma they went through as a result of being on set when the shooting occurred.

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Just in case the details weren’t blurry enough, the film’s armourer (who was also named as a defendant in the multiple lawsuits), Hannah Guteurrez Reed, is also deflecting blame towards the ammunition supplier. She states that the supplier created dangerous conditions by including live ammunition in a box that was supposed to include only dummy rounds.

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