#AlertMuskoka, a new notification tool providing timely info during emergency situations in Muskoka

Receive alerts via text, email, phone, or notification through free app

There’s a new service being provided to District of Muskoka residents to make sure they’re kept in the loop in a time of emergency.

The Muskoka Emergency Response Committee (MERC) has launched #AlertMuskoka, a notification tool that would provide information during incidences and emergency situations. The alerts would come either via email, phone, text, or through alerts in a downloaded app called Voyent Alert, with which the District has partnered on this project.

“We know timely communication to the public is critical in emergency situations, and this new tool will help us quickly send important alerts and updates to our communities,” said Jeff McWilliam, Chief of Paramedic Services and Emergency Planning for the District of Muskoka and Chair of the MERC. “We encourage all residents and visitors to Muskoka to sign up to receive #AlertMuskoka notifications through their phones or by email.”

Those who wish to register to get alerts via email, text, or phone call, can do so online while mobile app users can download the Voyent Alert app for their Apple or Android device.