Embattled Green Party leader Annamie Paul is stepping down

In-fighting about Paul's leadership was rife ahead of the election call

The federal Green Party will need a new leader.

Annamie Paul announced on Monday she is resigning and added that she is starting the process of her withdrawal from the role.

The Green Party was rocked by in-fighting in the lead up to the election with some outgoing Green Party governing body officials at odds with Paul over the Greens’ finanicial situation, and how the party handled the defection of one of its MPs to the Liberals over a difference in position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There were ongoing questions about Paul’s leadership style, which she suggested was based on racism and sexism.

During the election campaign, Paul planted herself in her home riding of Toronto Centre, and placed a distant fourth, the third time having run in that riding and lost.

Only two Greens were elected to the House of Commons. Former Green Party leader Elizabeth May won her seat again in a British Columbia riding and a rookie politician picked up a win in Kitchener. The Greens overall share of the popular vote plunged, as the Greens fielded candidates in just 252 of the 338 ridings.

The election disaster set the wheels in motion, and the party began the process of initiating a review of Paul’s leadership.

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Party bylaws stipulate that because Paul did not become prime minister, she would have to face a leadership review within six months. Voting in that process was set to begin Oct. 26 and end on Nov. 25, according to the Green Party. Now, the Greens will likely soon be launching a new leadership race, its second since the 2019 federal election.

The Greens didn’t help themselves in June when a similar review of Paul’s leadership came close to becoming a reality, and there was even an attempt to remove her party membership.

Paul became leader of the Greens last October, and at the time, optimism was in the air, as she was the first Jewish woman and first Black woman to be elected leader of a major political party in Canada.