Anonymous Donation To Bolster Mental Health Services for County Paramedics

Donor Gives $100 Thousand After Using Paramedic Services

An anonymous donor has contributed $100,000 to better the mental health of Simcoe County’s paramedics.

The Director and Chief of Paramedic Services was contacted in 2019 by someone who had made use of the service a number of times. The donor claimed that even though they felt they were imposing on Paramedic Services over a brief span, paramedics remained “extremely professional, supportive, and compassionate,” according to a report to County Council. The donor indicated they were aware of the mental health challenges first responders face and wanted to contribute $100,000 to assist in that regard.

The donor made it clear they wanted to remain anonymous.

Director and Chief Andrew Robert says the paramedics are a very passionate group of people. “They know what makes a difference in people’s lives in terms of compassion and humanity. They’re all very skilled and trained but it’s those human touches that make a difference.”

“We are very happy to be able to direct these funds to programs that could help,” adds Robert. “We have put a group of staff together to figure out the best way to direct the funds that will do the most good for our paramedics, and are close to picking a direction.”

“We are incredibly grateful to the donor, and the staff are appreciative and touched that someone cares enough about them to help in this way.”

“It’s a large donation so we want to make sure we use it well over a long period of time to help as many people are we can,” Robert concluded.

“Amazing! I saw that and I was just overjoyed,” said former paramedic and mental health advocate Natalie Harris, “a lot has changed, lots of things have improved, but there’s still room for improvement, and most of the time improvement costs money.”