Another Wheel Lost On the 400 Near Cookstown

Same Area as Incident That Saw Barrie Woman Airlifted to Toronto

Another vehicle has lost a wheel on the 400 near Highway 89, the second incident in less than a week.

Constable Lauren Ball with the OPP says there were no immediate reports of injuries, after a pick up truck lost its tire around 1:00 this afternoon, while heading north on the 400 before 89. She added the wheel bounced off the highway without striking anything or anyone. The pickup had been removed by tow truck before police even arrived on scene.

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The truck was able to get off to the shoulder, according to police, who are reminding everyone to double check those lug nuts.

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On Wednesday, a Barrie woman was airlifted to Toronto hospital, after her southbound vehicle was struck by a wheel that came off a northbound one, on the 400 near Highway 89.