Anti-Poverty Group Pushing for Barrie To Become A Living Wage Municipality

Poverty Reduction Task Group Says $18/h is Simcoe County's Living Wage

The living wage across Simcoe County has been pegged at $18.

“The living wage is the hourly wage a worker needs to earn in order to cover their basic expenses and to participate in the community.”

Ontario Living Wage Network

At a presentation Monday evening, City Councillors got a look at the math that goes into calculating a living wage, from the Simcoe County Poverty Reduction Task Group. It’s different than a minimum wage in that it is reflective of the basic necessities of life, and is regularly adjusted to take into consideration costs of living increases, as well as changes in government financing. The minimum wage is instead tethered to inflation.

Expenses included in the calculation of a living wage include food, housing, transportation, and childcare.

The Task Group is pushing that Barrie becomes a Living Wage Municipality, that it ensures all direct, full-time city employees are paid a living raise, with commitments to raise the pay of all direct part-time employees too.