April entertainment releases to keep you busy

A little of this, a little of that

Another month is here and with it comes a brand new assortment of movies, shows, and video games to occupy you while you’re social distancing. Here are a few things you should have on your radar.

It: Chapter Two

The first pick isn’t a new release but the follow up to the fantastic horror film It and hits Crave on April 24th. Set 27 years after the first movie, It: Chapter Two follows an adult Loser’s Club as they reunite to face the terrifying clown Pennywise. If you enjoyed the first one and are looking for a movie to make your skin crawl, definitely check this one out.


Run is about two ex-lovers who activate a plan to disappear by texting “RUN” to each other. Starring the wonderfully talented Merrit Wever and Domhnall Gleeson, this is a new series coming to Crave this month and you can start watching on April 13th

Tales from the Loop

Tales from the Loop is a new sci-fi series drawing inspiration from the fantastical paintings of Simon Stålenhag. It tells the story of the people who live above the loop, a device that renders the impossible, possible. If you enjoyed shows like Black Mirror and Electric Dreams, check out Tales from the Loop right now on Prime Video.

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The Lighthouse

You’re fond of me lobster, ain’t ye?! Seeing as we’re all adhering to social distancing, this one hits pretty close to home. The Lighthouse follows two lighthouse keepers as they attempt to maintain their sanity on a remote island off the coast of New England. Reminiscent of horror masterpiece The Shining, The Lighthouse is a creepy, disturbing, and surprisingly funny movie about isolation and the mind.

Resident Evil 3

April is the month of remakes this year for video games with two huge releases including the highly anticipated Resident Evil 3. Updating the 1999 classic with modern controls and graphics, this is an action-horror that is sure to give you a few scares and keep you entertained for a while with multiple playthroughs. This one is out right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Widely considered to be the best in the series (and one of the best games of all time), Final Fantasy VII Remake gives a massive facelift to the 1997 game with updated graphics and a whole new combat system to master. If you’ve always wanted to give it a try but were maybe turned off by the turn-based combat, the Final Fantasy VII Remake gives you the perfect way to see what all the hype is about. Releases on April 10th and is a PS4 exclusive.

Featured image courtesy of Felipe Cardoso via pexels.com