Attention hockey fans: Drink a beer kissed by the Stanley Cup

A childhood dream come true!

Just because you’ll never hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup above your head, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to drink a beer out of it (sort of).

For those of us who just didn’t have the physical aptitude to skate and shoot with the best of them, Molson has crafted a specially brewed beer that has been kissed by the mother of all hockey trophies so that even the worst hockey players in the world can taste what it’s like to drink a cold one out of the Stanley Cup.

“In a playoff run unlike any before, with the North Division having showcased Canadian hockey excellence in all its glory over the past several months, we wanted to create something unforgettable for Canadian hockey fans,” says Joy Ghosh, Senior Brand Director for the Molson family of brands. “Drinking from the Cup is a special moment for players. Yet sharing that feeling with the fans has never been done before, until now. The Stanley Cup Batch takes the passion Canadians have for our game and our beer to the next level.”

The Stanley Cup Batch is available in limited quantities and only at select stores across Canada so if you’re hoping to grab a 6-pack, you better start searching!

Featured image courtesy of Molson Canadian