Bagged milk: it’s an Ontario thing and almost everyone has an opinion

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Unless you’ve been born and raised in Ontario, bagged milk is a weird sight for newcomers.

I still remember when I moved to Ontario nearly 15 years ago and my shock when I saw “bagged milk” for the first time.

“The Heck is this?” I asked my husband, who was born and raised in Ontario.

A Reddit user recently posted a picture that shows I’m not the only one who was confused.

It shows how someone’s house guest interpreted how to use the milk jugs.

Instead of putting the plastic bag in the jug, they poured the whole thing into the jug, like a pitcher of Kool-Aid.

At first sight, the poster made fun of the mistake, but others quickly came to the confused guest’s defence.

Bagged milk is mostly an Ontario thing, so even people in other parts of Canada were perplexed, not just those in the US.

This poster had a good point, why is it only cow’s milk?

As stated, it’s an Ontario thing.

For those who truly don’t know how the jug works, check out this video.