‘Barbie’ Creates Tessa Virtue Doll in Celebration of International Women’s Day

The Olympic Skater is 1 of 20 Women Being Honoured In The Series

In celebration of their 60th anniversary and International Women’s Day, Barbie announced the release of a new series that will “honour more role models than ever before”.

Olympic champion, Tessa Virtue, is thrilled and honoured to be representing Canada in the lineup. Virtue is regarded on Barbie’s website as “one-half of a team known for their legendary elegance, athleticism, innovation, and their unparalleled ability to skate in unison.”

Virtue is 1 of 20 women from 18 different countries honoured in the series for “breaking boundaries to inspire the next generation”. Some others in the lineup include tennis champion Naomi Osaka, activist & supermodel Adwoa Aboah, visual artist Chen Man and director Lisa Azuelos.

Barbies latest series celebrates their 60th anniversary and International Women’s Day.

Barbie has a growing list of role models featured in their collection that include women in all types of professions with a wide range of accomplishments.

These influential women are featured on Barbie’s website, along with the following statement:

“We’re committed to highlighting empowering role models as a key part of the Dream Gap Project–our ongoing global initiative aimed at giving girls the resources and support they need to continue believing that they can be anything. By introducing girls to stories of women from all walks of life, they begin to see more opportunities for themselves.”