Barrie City Hall names members of new Anti-Racism Task Force

New group to help City Hall, police, school boards, and more, understand everyone's needs

Seven folks have been chosen to help address the needs of the city’s racialized populations.

Over the summer, Barrie council voted to approve the creation of the Anti-Racism Task Force, and on Friday, the individuals making up that task force were announced.

Brandon Wu, Charyl Blondell, Donald Carty, Esther Nkoli Enyolu, Haily MacDonald, Ifran Toor, and Masa Sone will all sit on the task force, and will be expected to work actively with police services, school boards, community groups, municipal organizations, social services, businesses, and more. “We are extremely pleased to welcome these seven individuals and look forward to the work of this task force,” said Mayor Jeff Lehman. “The work they will do over the coming two years will help our community as it grows and guide our efforts to support anti-racism efforts in our City.”


“The work that this group of volunteers has agreed to be involved with will help to identify what Barrie requires as we prepare and plan for a future that is based upon inclusiveness, fairness and community collaboration,” said Chief of Police Kimberley Greenwood. “I commend these civic minded citizens and am confident that their collective efforts will make for a more vibrant and unified Barrie.”

The city’s Anti-Racism Task Force will meet this month to select a chair and begin the process of discussing the pressing issues of the community. The Anti-Racism Task Force is sponsored by both the Barrie Police Service and the Mayor’s Office, and both committed $5,000 for the initial work setting it up.