Barrie Construction Association assisting RVH with supply needs including N95 masks

N95 masks are better able to protect health care workers from COVID-19

The Barrie Construction Association (BCA) is putting the safety of health-care workers and the community at the forefront.

Members have placed orders for equipment such as N95 masks and latex gloves that are to go to Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie.

Executive Director Allison Smith said unfortunately due to a shortage of such equipment there is no guarantee all orders can be filled.

Smith said certain members wear N95 masks during the work they are required to do.

There has been a reported shortage of N95 masks at hospitals across North America.

According to a report in Business Insider, face masks like the N95 help keep health-care workers safe from contracting COVID-19 through particles released by mucus and cough sputum.

Smith said members have also taken what stock they have such as N95 masks and latex gloves to the hospital in coordination with RVH.