DIY Online Christmas Market highlights local vendors

Facebook page allows locals to support local this holiday season

A Barrie woman has streamlined the process of shopping locally. Kerry-Lynn Embrack searched for local vendors to join together in creating the DIY Christmas Market, a Facebook group showcasing a wide range of businesses.

The group now consists of 35 local businesses, ranging from cooking, crafts, and supplies.

The process of shopping is very simple. Every vendor has a booth number and will make daily posts showcasing their products. All shoppers have to do is click on the link to deal directly with the business.

Embrack says the market is a way for small businesses to shine the spotlight on their products. It’s also a great option for people who want to support local but are still nervous to head out to in-person markets.

It’s also a nice option for the artists. Since the orders are made to order, they won’t be stuck with leftover merchandise if they don’t sell out.

The response has been great so far. The group launched just over two weeks ago and has already grown to over 700 members. 

Vendors will be showcasing their works until December 22nd.

banner image courtesy of DIY Christmas market Via facebook