Published May 13, 2022

10 Off Leash Dog Parks To Visit In And Around Barrie

The perfect day trip for you and your pup
Dog Park Near Me

Dogs love to run free and follow their nose. While a backyard can be a great space for your dog, sometimes they need a new adventure. This provides mental stimulation and gives your pup more to explore. 

Luckily, communities all around Simcoe County have created space for dogs and their owners. Here are some you may want to check out this summer (plus a map of where to find them) ...

Dog Parks In Barrie

The city of Barrie currently has two recreation areas for dogs to enjoy off leash. According to Barrie’s Development Services Department, “there are no new parks scheduled for development in 2022”. However, there are plans “to do a Strategic Planning and Policy Review for 2023 regarding off leash areas in Barrie”.  

1. Sadlon Arena Dog Park

The off leash dog park at the Sadlon Arena has two fenced-in recreation areas. The first is .25 acres and is for small dogs that are 30 lbs or less. The second is for dogs of any size and is 1.8 acres. The larger park also has picnic tables and seating. 

Behind the two fenced-in parks is a natural area with wooded trails where you can let your dog off leash. There is a fence along the perimeter but it’s not secure. This is because the uneven ground has left gaps under the fences that dogs can fit through. There’s also overland waterflows and lots of animals scurrying throughout. 

Location: Sadlon Arena at 555 Bayview Dr, Barrie, ON

Parking: North Arena Lot (or South-East Arena Lot when there’s an event)

2. Sunnidale Dog Park

Sunnidale Park is a multi-use park in the west end of Barrie and has nearly 50 acres of recreational space. The biggest draws for the park are the inclusive playground and the dog friendly arboretum and forest paths. 

The park also has a 7.15 acre dog park with rolling terrain, footpaths, bridges and benches. The off leash recreation area is also double gated with wire fencing for extra safety. 

Location: 60-68 Coulter St, Barrie, ON

Parking: Dorian Park Centre Lot at 227 Sunnidale Rd or Coulter Street Parking Lot 

Dog Parks Outside Of Barrie

If you and your dog are up for a day trip, you should check out one of these great parks. All are less than a 45 minute from Barrie and offer fun new spaces for your dog to explore. 

3. Barrie Sports Complex In Minnesing

The Barrie Community Sports Complex is 15 minutes outside of Barrie in Minnesing. The complex is 118 acres and has baseball diamonds, turf fields, playgrounds, concessions and more. While pets are not allowed on playing surfaces, they’re welcome at the complex. They can also enjoy the off leash dog park that you can access through the northside park. 

The dog park has a set of double gates. Narrow paths will widen to a larger trail that loops around a pond. This is a retention pond that’s used to water the fields and owners will sometimes let their dogs swim there.  

Location: 2100 Nursery Rd, Minnesing, ON

4. Centennial Park In Innisfil

If you take a 16 minute drive to Innisfil, you and your dog can check out the off leash dog park at Centennial Park. 

The dog park is fully fenced with lots of trees and open space. 

Location: 2870 7th Line, Innisfil, ON

5. Glen Eton Dog Park In Angus

Glen Eton/Wildflower park is 21 minutes east of Barrie in Angus. The park is full of lush green spaces and wildflowers. 

The dog park has a walking path and large, mature trees. 

Location: 1B2, 99-161 Brentwood Rd, Angus, ON

6. Clayt French Dog Park In Orillia

Clayt French Park is 28 minutes outside of Barrie in Orillia. The park features a splash pad, multi-purpose court, a playground and paved walking paths.

At the back of the park is a leash-free recreation area for dogs. The dog park is on the smaller side but has a double gated entry, hilly terrain and lots of trees. It also has a plumbed in water dish that operates during the warmer months and a covered area for owners to sit. 

Location: 975-983 Atlantis Drive, Orillia, ON

7. Scanlon Creek Bark Park In Bradford

30 minutes outside of Barrie is the Scanlon Creek Bark Park. This off leash recreation area is the Scanlon Creek Conservation Area. The 3 acre area is fully fenced in and has a double gated entrance. There’s a small grassy area for smaller dogs and a second larger park for dogs of all sizes. The larger park has trees and shrubs for your dog to explore as well as a trail and benches. 

NOTE: This park is occasionally closed for maintenance so be sure to check their website before visiting. 

Location: Scanlon Creek Conservation Area at 2450 9th Line, Bradford, ON 

Parking: Entrance located at 3281 Yonge Street

8. Clearview EcoBark Dog Park In Stayner

Clearview Ecopark in Stayner with accessible walking trails and a bird blind. There’s also a community garden and tree park. 

The newly constructed dog park, called the EcoBark, has tunnels and ramps for dogs to test their agility in. It has a double gated entry, as well as a drinking fountain, dog wash station, benches and picnic tables. 

Location: 5833 County Road 96, Stayner, ON

Parking: County Rd 96 at the end of Mowat St

9. Port McNicoll Dog Park 

Behind the OSPCA Midland & District Animal Centre off Highway 12 in Port McNicoll is an 8 acre dog park. The park is fully fenced with a double gate entry. The park is large with hills, tall grasses and small trees throughout. There’s also a gazebo and picnic table for relaxing at.

The park is accessible year round, but the OSPCA reserves the space from 9am to 10am each day to train and run dogs from the shelter. 

Location: 5123 Talbot St, Port McNicoll, ON

10. CBO Park In Tiny

42 minutes outside of Barrie is Cawaja Balm Ossossane (CBO) Park. This large green space is in the Township of Tiny. The property is home to an arboretum and Tiny’s off leash dog park

The dog park has 2 enclosures - one for small dogs and one for large dogs. 

This park is also a short distance to Tiffin Park and Little Lake Park in Midland. Both locations have off leash dog parks for even more exploring. 

Location: 2 Winterset Ave, Tiny, ON

Even More Dog Parks ...

These are just some of the many dog parks in Simcoe County for you and your dog to explore. We have added all the above parks and some extras to the map below. 

Before going to any dog park for the first time, be sure to review hours, rules, restrictions and possible dangers, such as poison ivy. That way you’ll know whether it’s a good match for you and your dog before you arrive. 

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